Following my career as an advertising art director and graphic designer, I moved to Port Macquarie from Sydney in 2011 to devote more time to painting watercolours, a journey which began when I was eleven.

Translucent watercolour has an allure and luminosity like no other medium. It requires working from light to dark, leaving the whites of the paper for the whites without resorting to gouache. The sequence of laying down successive colour washes has to be planned ahead. Changes can’t be made by painting over, and the peril of overworking means a muddy result.

Watercolour is a challenging medium to work in and hard to master, not least because of the technical aspects and techniques one must learn. Yet, to achieve a work that is fresh and spontanious, it also requires striking a balance between trying to control the medium and allowing this wonderfully unpredictable medium to have its own way.

I believe a painting should be emotionally evocative, powerful in its simplicity, conveying an illusion of reality. Over the years I’ve developed my own style, aiming for a contemporary feel in what is generally regarded a traditionalist’s medium. My works are mainly suggestive, with broad washes and a minimum of brushstrokes. Living in Port Macquarie it is impossible not to be inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us.

I welcome enquiries regarding my paintings and any aspects of the materials and techniques I use.